Kids 4 -7 Yrs


This class is designed to prepare younger children for the rigours of Karate training as they grow and develop, both mentally and physically. Primarily focusing on the development of motor skills, balance, coordination, muscular awareness, overall strength and continued flexibility.

At this age and stage of early life, classes are structured and regimented to develop discipline in children. Repetition is used, not merely for the technical benefits, but to build resilience, both physically and mentally. Respect for teachers and fellow students is fostered. An understanding for the tradition of Karate is encouraged and the activities are varied and fast-paced to address the limited concentration spans of 4-7 year olds.

A unique grade system is used, separate from the senior children and adult classes, that encourages and rewards persistence, leading the child to an understanding that effort, consistency and a dedicated commitment to practice (at any endeavour) produces results.

Younger children are encouraged to set goals and as they work towards their achievement, their confidence builds. In the words of the Chito Ryu Founder, “with peace, perseverance and hard work, we will reach our goal”.

NOTE: No actual sparring is conducted in these classes. Tournaments are held allowing ‘Little Dragons’ to display the skills they have learnt to family and friends and to take pride in their efforts, thereby nourishing their competitive appetite at an early age. Competing at a younger age can assist with condition to avoid performance anxiety, which often occurs as children get older.