Kids 8-12 Yrs

Children in this age group will greatly benefit from Karate training.

Not only is Karate a great way to exercise and develop physiology and motor skills, regular training produces stronger and more flexible bodies, self-defence skills and gives students the confidence to be able to resolve conflict by walking away where possible.

The Karate Kids classes are a considerable step-up from the introductory level below (Little Dragons 4-7 years). there is an expanded technical curriculum that gives children a more serious window into the basics of controlled self defence. Muscle control and power development are a focus, accompanied by flexibility and strength.

Fun and discipline can come together and work hand in hand.

There are lots of laughs and the odd tear in class, as children are pushed to and even beyond their perceived limits, developing persistence in the face of adversity and expanding the students’ views of their own potential.

The grading syllabus is similar to the adult syllabus and on grading day students are expected to perform at the required level. Importantly, not everyone gets a prize. Children are taught that preparation is required for success and from time to time it is important in life to learn the hard lesson of failure for not having committed to preparation for success. As the ‘coloured belts’ progress students may have several attempts to gain a belt, teaching them to view previous failures as a reference for learning and thereby using failure as a motivation for success.

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The sensei is an amazing teacher. He really has a passion for his art and inspires his students. This type of karate is really good for kids to learn discipline and commitment. It’s like family here, so welcoming and friendly.