In addition to being an excellent form of self defence Karate is a great life-enhancer for older teens and adults. We have a friendly yet structured approach that a fantastic atmosphere to train in.

Classes vary from intense and fast paced to deep and explanatory. There is flexibility and strength training, coordination, breathing, centring and a general focus on getting you to know and understand your body better. Punches, kicks, throws, joint-locks, chokes and a multiplicity of strikes are honed; the principles of power generation, efficiency of movement and exploiting an opponent’s weaknesses are explored.

Karate, if taught correctly, is an excellent self defence method. Size, weight and strength can be made irrelevant when the techniques are understood and applied properly. Mastering certain applications does take time but you will be surprised at how quickly your ability to defend yourself will improve.

Many teens and adults deny themselves the benefit of Karate out of concern for being awkward or uncomfortable in class, or a nagging uncertainty about their ability to ‘be good at it’. It might be age, physical fitness, strength, coordination or several other things, imagined and real, that are concerning and holding you back. The Instructors and your fellow students understand how you may feel, we know you’ll make mistakes because we’ve made the same ones. The literal meaning of Sensei is ‘before-person’ which identifies that he or she has been there previously and experienced what you are feeling.

Don’t let any feeling of inadequacy stop you from taking a very positive step towards enhancing your life!

The dojo is a very special place, with a welcoming community of friends and the seniors are always open to teaching the newcomers. They are very generous with their time. My kids have embraced the karate spirit and have learnt resilience and focus in their years here. Sensei is an inspiring coach and mentor and no two lessons are the same!


Student & Parent